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A Day (night) in the life of a doorman

Thus far into my tour of doorr duty, I have only worked the night shift.  I leave a bit before 11:30 and make my way down from the Upper West Side, through the park to midtown east.  Depending on my … Continue reading

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Dispatches from a morning of meltdowns

Today was born hot, the sun rising damp and dripping, hanging low over the roofs of the buildings.  Even in the overly air-conditioned lobby, I could feel the temperature rising.  With the early heat, the tenants all woke with their … Continue reading

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Suggest a film, and win glory, home-made post card.

Right, homekiddies, I do believe you know the drill at this point.  Not only am I trying to be deliberate about what I read, but when I do have downtime, to be deliberate about what movies/television I watch. Given that … Continue reading

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First Day on the Job

My illustrious career as a keeper of doors began at midnight last night.  I bicycled down through Central Park, which I’d always been told became some hellish no-man’s land the moment the sun passed the horizon.  To be honest, night … Continue reading

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Talking Shit

Let’s talk shit. And not in the sense of insult-tossing, genitalia-measuring, gay-panic testosterone monkeys.  No, shit as in stuff, possessions, trinkets, chotchkes, memorabilia, crap. Like most Americans, I have way too much of it.  Some of it is stuff I … Continue reading

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Why a sex doll’s chest hair is important.

You frequently hear people say that you learn something new everyday. What these people fail to mention is that the “something new” you learn is not always useful. Last night I learned about sex dolls, and I’ll think it a … Continue reading

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Win the greatest prize since “best dressed nudist”

Hello kiddies, As part of “Rung one” of my living deliberately experiment (see post “More obsessive business”) I have dedicated an hour each day to reading.  In this light, I have a bit of a competition for yous, or as … Continue reading

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