Hydrofracking Blues

Riding in the traffic across the Queensboro bridge is officially on the list of stupid things not to do again.  Due to some bad signage, and some worse decisions, I thought the bicycle path would magically appear once I was on the bridge.  No path appeared, just one long mile with one way traffic, no shoulder, cars buzzing, and  trucks hell bent on at least startling me with the horns, if not taking a crack at knocking me clean off the damn bridge.  Luckily, Queens drivers are Mets fans, and like their team, can’t hit anything.

Once I figured out the bike path. Hurrah!

Had to go to Queens today for a press conference in front of the Department of Environmental Conservation to let them know how against hydraulic fracturing (hydro-fracking) many New Yorkers are.

Pretty terrible type of drilling that in Texas and Pennsylvania has poisoned the water to the point where it is undrinkable. In Texas, they are able to light their water on fire because of the methane in it, which may make for a good party trick, is otherwise terrible.

They want to do this in the Marcellus shale in the Southern Tier of New York, including the NY watershed and the Susquehanna and Delaware River Basins.  In other words, risking the drinking water of millions of people to support a dirty energy economy.

I spoke at the rally, and I’ll post my speech below, but besides the dire situation, it was fun as a Battlestar Galactica super fan to say “frack” over and over again, and phrases like “don’t frack new york”…Frack being the f-word of the BSG universe.  Nerds.

I’ll toss up another post all about hydrofracking for those who are inclined to read it in a couple of minutes.

For right now, know this: bicycles on road of Queensboro bridge=hydro-fracking=bad.

Speech (I keep the grammatical errors and odd paragraph spacing, most of which are done for reading ease and to make sure I pause in the correct places):

6.15 DEC Speech

If you don’t have a gmail account, get at me.


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5 Responses to Hydrofracking Blues

  1. Sorry to hear about your scary trip. Know that you are not alone. Scary trips are always on tap for all pedalists. It is how you react that matters. Sounds like you did the community proud.

  2. bigadam says:

    Thanks for the support Randy…although I should note that I was riding naked, so best case scenario, I’ve made two communities-nudists and cyclists-slightly confused…still being a nice upstater for right now.

  3. Amanda says:

    Yikes on the bike ride but lol on the Mets joke 🙂 I stopped by the rally in Buffalo today but only caught the tail end due to a whole bunch of things. I called the Governor’s Office though, and the regional one where I used to intern.

  4. Just read your speech. Very well done. Hydraulic fracturing could be New York’s gulf oil spill. The only difference is that our mess wouldn’t be an accident. Thanks so much for encouraging a slower pace at the DEC.

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