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Capote, Sedaris and Schulz: Sunday Book/film review

Today’s book and film review: The film Capote, David Sedaris’ When You Are Engulfed in Flames, and Bruno Schulz’ The Street of Crocodiles.  This week off the “secong rung” of my self-improvement schedule, I will be working on my Spanish … Continue reading

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4 steps to becoming a leader

Last Thursday I wrote about how youth activists fail at being inclusive in terms of who is an “activist” or a “leader”, and sought to redefine a leader/activist as anyone who sees a problem and feels compelled to do something … Continue reading

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On flirting

Flirting is the fastest way to get your tie-wearing, package signing derriere fired in the doormanning business.  It is the one-stop shop, money back guaranteed, do not pass go, do not collect $200 sudden death (not le petit mort!) of … Continue reading

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Sunday book review, a crappy one

Its been a bit of a crap week for me in terms of books, which I suppose I could blame on my inability to choose, but would rather blame on the books. Nonetheless, there were redeeming qualities for both. For … Continue reading

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What is an activist?

Here’s the problem with youth activists: We play by small camp rules. Not as in intimate evenings with bonfires and outhouses, no: we can be a small, exclusive group. One of the first things I was told when I started … Continue reading

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When life gives you ukeleles…

It is pretty well-known what to do when you are given lemons.  We as a civilization have figured it out, clever, violent beasts that we are: you make lemonade.  It is, I think, a fine piece of wisdom.  One uses … Continue reading

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Sunday film/book review

Because I was working on my French this week, I elected to read one book in French.  Because of this, I only have one book complete this week, Albert Camus’ The First Man.  Also watched two films off the list.  … Continue reading

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