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The weird world of professional ogling

I give my my brother credit. He is the only person I know who can manage to take a conversation about baseball, devolve it into an erudite and all together abstract conversation of numbers and philosophical stances, and keep it … Continue reading

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Art show/film review

So the time I would normally spend reading books this week was spent going to a number of different events. The nagging feeling that I was becoming to settled in the work home sleep work routine compelled me to adventure … Continue reading

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The principles of yelling at old women.

I do not consider myself a principled individual. This is not because I do not claim to have them, but rather because they have never been tested in any meaningful way. To claim the hardiness of my principles would be … Continue reading

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Don’t let your penis get caught in the door

The penis, the penis. penis. That dangly little appendage, so potent in its vulnerability to impotency, how it dangles short, over-compensated, and slightly to the neurotic, hanging jeering and jabbering like a monkey, taunting the insecure and the napoleonic. Penises, … Continue reading

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Sunday book/Film Review

Grindhouse-One of the main things that make campy movies campy and enjoyable is their sincerity, the evident belief that the film being made is a quality one, or-failing that-one that people will really enjoy.  In that vein, there is an … Continue reading

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Embarassing myself with the “shout or smush” response

A brief lesson: If you are going to try a “living deliberately” experiment that involves a category for things to improve at, and if that things to improve at includes “learning how to flip things in a saute pan”, do … Continue reading

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The George Washington Carver of Doormen

Listen.  We don’t hate our jobs. Doormen may not make the money of an investment banker, but our jobs spill over into our regular work week with less frequency, our work environments are not rigid and high-pressured, and while we … Continue reading

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