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Crappy photos (of East NY) dedicated to crappy SUNY budget cuts

In the holiday spirit unique to my family, which is very frequently a spirit making a point of being crumudgeonly on holidays other people have no trouble enjoying–going to bed before midnight on New Year’s, insisting on being a vegetarian … Continue reading

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My father’s yearly sex talk.

Thanksgiving is the time that we traditionally take to thank the Native Americans for so graciously allowing us to name our high school sports teams after them. This longstanding tradition also helps to reveal how important traditions are, as our … Continue reading

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On getting fired (and still enjoying your peanut butter)

My beauties, I have sinned against you. Though I seek redemption, I take not to the catholic booth for redemption, but to the blog, for indeed I have a confession to make. Well, I likely have more than one, but … Continue reading

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Batman and I have the same underwear

I am not Batman, and if I were, I probably wouldn’t tell you. Rather, I would allow you to note the suspicious similarities between my life and his. Because you are reading this and not directly observing me , I … Continue reading

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Rolling through the Bronx on Election day (Vote Schneiderman for New York AG!).

When I thought I’d spend a small portion of my evening helping out Eric Schneiderman’s campaign for NY Attorney General, I did not expect loading up into the soon-to-be christened “boom boom van” at 9 o’clock at night in order … Continue reading

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