Marathon training day 1: 3 miles, 14 piles of smelly garbage.

Day 1: As per my coach’s instructions (read: friend who has run a marathon), I got up at the crack of down (read: stumbled out of bed ’round 7), and went on a 3 mile run down Brooklyn’s Bushwick Avenue.

While not bucolic, it was nice to remember what this city feels like when it is sunny AND less than 80 degrees, but unfortunately, the fat smell of putrid garbage was sitting heavily on every corner. Forced me to work on controlling me breathing, at the very least.

Had tightness in my left knee cap. Anyone ever experience this? Another coach (read: other friend who runs) suggested it was probably from overuse. Which seems unfair and a little whiny of the joint. But as they say, the squeaky knee gets the icy hot. Any ideas of how to handle this?

Doing four tomorrow, same route, but I shall run another half mile out, and hopefully deepen my knowledge of Bushwick’s various garbage piles.

30 days until the marathon.


About Big Adam

A NYC doorman, a community organizer, wannabe ape, sometimes blogger, sometimes writer, always crossword puzzle incompleter, I will ride bicycles with your papa, dance Bhangra with your mama, take you on dates that cost nada.
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2 Responses to Marathon training day 1: 3 miles, 14 piles of smelly garbage.

  1. matt says:

    You should ask a doctor about the knee… if only you knew one….

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