Build a windmill project, Day 2: Buying a generator, checking the site.

First things first to building a windmill seems to be deciding whether there is enough wind to make it worth it. At first I planned to do this by going outside and licking my finger, but then I realized that tells me nothing about wind speed and I was chilly. So I found this site, which asks the pertinent question “Do You Have Enough Wind to Build It Solar?

They are damn near Shakespearean over there, so I won’t bother to go into details, but basically after wrangling my latitude and longitude, and lining it up with this map , I found out that my wind class is “zone 3”, which according to build it solar, all I need is zone 3 or up.  Because of the complete lack of detail in the above map, I’m not actually sure if it is zone 2 or 3, but hey, I’m building a windmill I plan to stick out my window. I’m feeling optimistic.

Major problem: the rule of thumb is that any windmill should be 30 ft. above any obstacle with 300 ft., which effectively kills putting this thing out the window.  Will have to debate whether this is sneakable to the roof or not.

In other news, I’m looking at one motor to purchase for roughly $50.  The goal is to use a permanent magnet (PM) motor (such as ones you might find in a treadmill), and by feeding mechanical input, essentially reverse it into a generator for all my mad electric skillz, boogie woogie woogie.  You want one that has a high voltage rating with relatively low RPM, so that it doesn’t need to be spinning insanely fast to get any decent amount of voltage. The best I’ve found is rated for 115 volts at 650 RPM.

Will finish my shopping list tomorrow, all used, of course!





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