I am in electronics hell, which is really less about a location in mythical locales than it is a complete lack of electronics knowledge. This would indeed be electronics heaven for someone who enjoys this sort of thing.

A priority for building my windmill within a month is getting all my materials (mostly through ebay shopping–I only buy used). Aside from a generator for the windmill, the other thing that is ke is a controller board.

Essentially what a controller board does is act as a safety for the system of converting the mechanical power generated by the wind to electrical power. Wind varies greatly, so a high wind means high speeds for the windmill, meaning a huge voltage spike. Trying to overchage the batteries can destroy them. At the same time, you can’t just disconnect the batteries from the windmill, because if it without any input, it can stress the windmill itself and destroy the generator.

What a controller essentially does is senses when the batteries need charging, and connects the power generated from the windmill to the batteries. When the batteries are full, it dumps the excess electricit into a secondary battery bank, water heater, or a “dummy load.”

This part makes sense to me. What I can barely make heads or tails of is this:

from This guy is the top google hit, and his site is great! Supposing you know what in the hell you're doing...

Will be talking to a friendly neighborhood electrical engineer who can help explain this and how it all interconnects.  Will try to post my shopping list in tomorrow or Friday, as I really gotta get spinnin’ on this if I hope to make my month deadline!

Are you an Engineer? Help?

Also to certain pedaling Putnams–I believe you recently got a basic electronics book?


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2 Responses to Building a WIndmill, Day 3: OHMYGODINEEDANENGINEER

  1. Zach A. says:

    I know how to read schematics and make circuits and stuff… I’m on the other side of the Atlantic at the moment, but if you have some specific questions, I may be able to help!

  2. I’ve read volume 1 of a 5 volume primer on electricity. At this point I am barely qualified to ask stupid questions. Advice is out of the question! Sorry, pallie!

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