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Criterion Film a day, day 13: Getting ready to be offended with “The Emperor Jones”

People–especially liberals–love nothing more than to be offended. It gives us a chance to flex our big, liberal muscles. Sadly, however, the film The Emperor Jones did not piss me off like I so wanted it to do, even though … Continue reading

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Bruno meets sexy Peruvians: this week in films

I might go to twice a week, probably Sunday and Thursday. Two sentence review:  See Bruno if butt sex jokes never get old.  See Máncora if you want to see Latin Americans get into multiple sexual situations. Bruno-I am not … Continue reading

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Film List

Here is the list of films I’m going to view. Many are suggestions, but I added a bunch of the past academy award nominees, so unfortunately, the list doesn’t contain many surprises, which is admittedly something I’m not totally happy … Continue reading

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