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Gomez Addams Jr., Bike Shop Owner

Think Globally, Vote Uninformedly, thats my motto. Or maybe its Buy Locally, Act Inappropriately. You see, I could purchase everything local, everything from my tortillas to my beer to the Village Bicycle-which is owned and ridden by no one but … Continue reading

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At war with the cyclists

Dressing up is an integral part of war, a key element not of surprise, but of intimidation. The vikings put horns on their helmets to store their donuts (donut itself is a word that roughly translates into “pillage snack”), and … Continue reading

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Freezing to death, hipster style

I am a castrato squirrel missing his nuts before winter.  I am a hipster, smoking, who has forgotten his vintage scarfs, an old person, slipping, who got Florida and Finland mixed up with the travel agent. I am a man … Continue reading

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The week in film: Dishonest Spaniards meet dishonest Brits meet stupid american actors.

En La Ciudad The pessimistic and the stylishly apathetic (wearing hats and buttons that say “I don’t care” and) would very stylishly reduce human beings to mere machines for eating, sleeping, In many a spanish movies (how weak I am … Continue reading

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A gold digger’s cover letter to rich ladies

To the Women it May Concern: My interest in applying to be your trophy husband is informed by a personal passion for a luxurious lifestyle, your reputation as a wealthy individual, and my biological impulses towards reproduction. While admittedly I … Continue reading

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Bruno meets sexy Peruvians: this week in films

I might go to twice a week, probably Sunday and Thursday. Two sentence review:  See Bruno if butt sex jokes never get old.  See Máncora if you want to see Latin Americans get into multiple sexual situations. Bruno-I am not … Continue reading

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Photos from the Bushwick perimeter ride

The annoying thing about being annoyed with gentrification is that I must end up annoyed by myself (thank god there is only one of me). I am frustrated with people encroaching and taking over a neighborhood that was previously undesirable, … Continue reading

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