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The War on Beards

Many revolutions of the homeless guy spinning slowly in Riverside park ago, a group of burly, bearded men moved into Williamsburg.  Known originally as “Hay-seeds” for their stubbornly old world views, these men quickly established a space for themselves in … Continue reading

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Gaddafi vs. Tampons vs. Doormen.

As we all learned during the sadomasochism unit of middle school sex-ed, whiplash is a very serious condition. As a concerned idiot with access to the internet, I worry that we may soon be suffering from societal whiplash, so quickly … Continue reading

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(Rep.) Weiner jokes, and bicycle lanes

Thank monkeys for Twitter.  Rep. Anthony Weiner, the progressive Democratic representative from New York, recently used the micro-blog to micro-apologize for his micro-threat against bike lines, after a reporter from a tiny newspaper known as The New York Times quoted … Continue reading

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Beware the (r)ides of March: Sitting on strangers’

Old man winter may not be off to slumber just yet, but he is certainly dozing in his recliner. Yes, my monkeys, March-what with its rapid, climate destabilized cycles between break out the beach ball and freeze the balls…of your … Continue reading

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