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Recipe: the pesto of my conception

This is a great pesto recipe, my mom’s own, and one that I like to think I owe my existence to.   On my parent’s first date, my mother made my father this pesto, so the family joke is that this … Continue reading

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Doorman chronicles: the war over couches

War is coming.  I can sense it, children, that rebellious haze that shimmers in the building’s lobby, a nowhere breeze that twinges the tip of my tie.  War is coming. Wars are fought for many reasons, for land, for oil, … Continue reading

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Photos from riverside park, with a friend

For the past few weeks, the two things from the secondary rung of my “living deliberately” experiment-the things i work on for four hours a week-have been my voice and photography (see post “more obsessive business.  For voice I’ve been … Continue reading

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How to not compliment a stranger.

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Why we should embrace our privilege

Core to being on the political and social left is admitting that our society is unequal, that the game is unfair and that your starting place on the board is predicated on the chance of birth.  Indeed, socio-economic class is … Continue reading

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Mrs. Clotworthy, tenant, member of the taxi youth.

Mrs. Clotworthy, so perfectly summed up by her name she needs no nickname.  A true American blueblood, a pure-breed, free-range Upper East Side birth-right aristocrat. And how perfect a name! Reminisicent of a character straight out of Dickens or Trollope, … Continue reading

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Doorman Fashion

There is very little variation in doorman fashion: short sleeves/long sleeves, black pants/gray pants, full-windsor /half-windsor knot for the tie.  Always go full windsor.  We have our pride. I was thus surprised when I found myself in a conversation about … Continue reading

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