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Building My Own Wind Turbine: The Shopping LIst

Figuring out the the controller to make sure that my windmill doesn’t go the way of the zeppelin has taken longer than expected.  I have a way forward (begging engineer friends to explain), but for the time being, I figure … Continue reading

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I am in electronics hell, which is really less about a location in mythical locales than it is a complete lack of electronics knowledge. This would indeed be electronics heaven for someone who enjoys this sort of thing. A priority … Continue reading

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Build a windmill project, Day 2: Buying a generator, checking the site.

First things first to building a windmill seems to be deciding whether there is enough wind to make it worth it. At first I planned to do this by going outside and licking my finger, but then I realized that … Continue reading

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New month project: Build a Windmill, Charge my Cellphone

Friends, Apemen and women, over-indulged pets, I am pleased to announce that for my next thirty day project, I will be building a windmill. While I suggested it amongst some other proposed projects, it was you, dear voters, who chose … Continue reading

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